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Doggy Daycare


 The Barksville Inn

Doggy Daycare at The Barksville Inn in Ithaca, New York
Dog Daycare at The Barksville Inn in Brooktondale, New York
Doggie Daycare at The Barksville Inn in Central New York
Dog Daycare at The Barksville Inn in Upstate New York

Born in Manhattan and raised on Staten Island, David graduated from CUNY Staten Island before continuing his studies at New York University (NYU).

David unknowingly began his career in healthcare by caring for is ailing grandmother.  He would go on to become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) and a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) while working in senior living communities in New York and Pennsylvania.

In his spare time, David is an accomplished chef having studied under  Emmy award-winning television host, best-selling cookbook author, and restaurateur .Lidia Bastianich in her NYC restaurant, 


The Barksville Inn


The Barksville Inn and Innkeeper Kevin were profiled on the small business networking site Alignable for March, 2021.

Click HERE to read the article.


All dogs (under  50 pounds) welcome


Cage-Free Doggy Daycare at The Barksville Inn
In Home Cage Free Dog Daycare at The Barksville Inn
Good night sweet Koda - Mom & Dad will b
Putting David to work - walking our week

The Barksville Inn provides your four-legged family member the opportunity to spend the day being part of a healthy and happy dog pack getting the exercise and socialization they need. 


Our Doggy Daycare services are designed to improve your pup’s quality of life in a safe, healthy, and fun environment We provide canine and human interaction that fosters mental stimulation & improves socialization skills - thus reducing canine anxiety.  With all day access to our fenced-in yard and regular field trips to local parks or hiking trails (weather permitting) - you can be sure your pup will have a happy and tired when you arrive at pick-up. 


Dog parents quickly discover an evening without a pup full of energy from sitting around sleeping all day means a quiet/stress free evening for all.  

From drop-off to pick-up - our daycare guests enjoy supervised play inside our cage-free pet friendly home and over-sized back deck & 3,500 sq. feet fenced-in outside play area.  Unlike other doggie daycare facilities – our flexible, all-inclusive dog care comes without an extensive list of requirements.  All guests receive a mid-day meal of a 5-Star rate grain-free kibble with homemade or natural human grade wet mix-ins along health with treats throughout the day.  


Our small size, maximum of five (5) dogs, round-the-clock supervision from Pet CPR & First Aid trained Innkeepers means you can rest easy knowing your dog is safe, healthy and having a fun filled day.  Endless belly rubs and games of catch always included.  It’s truly a win-win.  Contact us today for full details.  

In Home Open Play With ALL Day Outdoor Access

Flexible Drop Off & Pick Up Times

6:00 am - 11:00pm

Grain-Free 5-Star Rated Lunch & Snacks Included

Field Trips to Hiking Trails and Ithaca Dog Park

Come play at our house!!!




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Cage-free In-home means no confined kennels or lonely private suites.

Walks, hikes and field trips to the Ithaca Dog Park included.

24/7 Access to our fenced in yard with dog friendly toys, tennis balls and stuffed animals.

Cute Happy Dog

The Barksville Inn

Home Away From Home

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Do you worry about your best friend home alone all day - bored and getting into mischief  or feeling guilty leaving them in a lonely small kennel?     

Dogs are social pack animals that need interaction with other dogs and people to remain happy and healthy.  No matter how many hugs and kisses you give them when home – your leaving for the day can major anxiety trigger for your pouch.  Separation Anxiety in canines often leads to pet parents have returned home to stressed out pups.


The common systems of Separation Anxiety include:  

  • Digging and scratching at doors or windows attempting to reunite with their owners

  • Destructive chewing of furniture and personal items

  • Howling, barking and/or whining

  • Urination and defecation (even with otherwise house-trained dogs)

Your dog isn't wild or untrained - they are simply scared and in panic mode unsure what is happening.  The Humane Society of The United States says....   "Doggie Daycare is one of the best ways to soothe separation anxiety in dogs."