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Heading out of town or coming into the Finger Lakes area and needing dog care.  For dog parents looking for a safe, healthy and fun home for dogs - not a traditional overcrowded boarding kennel with 4 x 10' runs - The Barksville Inn proudly offers affordable all-inclusive, cage-free boarding - a true home-away-from-home your dog will love. 

As descendants of wolves, dogs are instinctual social pack animals that seek to join whatever pack is nearby rather than being alone.  Unfortunately, traditional boarding facilities and/or dog kennels have been designed to maximize profit and ease of care for the owner instead of meeting the dog’s inherent needs.  Additionally, boutique boarding businesses have opened coast to coast offering expensive “private suites” that look appealing to dog parents but can be cold and lonely spaces to your dog and the cause of unnecessary anxiety. 


The Barksville Inn is an in-home, pack-friendly communal living space – a true home away from home for dogs.  Instead of confined kennels we have created a variety of individual safe sleeping spaces that the dogs choose themselves.  We welcome you to bring your pups bed, blanket  and/or favorite toy to help them feel safe from the familiar smell of home.  With flexible drop-off and pick-up times and never any additional fees - we take the stress out of pet care.

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All-inclusive  boarding

Cage-free Boarding

$30.00 per night

Additional Dog(s)

$15.00 per night

Long-term Boarding

(greater than 21 days)

$22.50 per night



Round-the-clock supervision by Pet CPR & First Aid trained Innkeepers

Maximum five (5) guests any time

Parents receive regular text updates with photos throughout the stay

Two dogs


5-Star rated grain-free meals & treats for everyone everyday.

Fresh clean drinking water available inside & out 24/7.



Cage-free In-home means no confined kennels or lonely private suites.

Walks, hikes and field trips to the Ithaca Dog Park included.

24/7 Access to our fenced in yard with dog friendly toys, tennis balls and stuffed animals.

Cute Happy Dog

Overnight Boarding Availability



Three ways to book a stay


(607) 252 - 4949



Complete the

Booking Request 

form below

Quickest way to book your next stay

New guest information form

and liability waiver

Please print, complete & bring to Check-In

Overnight Boarding

Booking Request 

Let us know what you need, an Innkeeper will contact you, within 24 hours, with your confirmation.  

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The fine print

AGE / WEIGHT:   All dogs must be at least 16 weeks of age and no more than 50 pounds.  In addition, all dogs must house trained (accidents happen, our sealed wood floors get steamed cleaned every even day with pet friendly natural products and all guests have 24-hour outdoor access).

VACCINATIONS:  Like humans, vaccinating your dog could save them from preventable deadly canine illnesses.  In addition, dogs should be treated for flea and ticks (in the summer months at least).   By limiting the number of guests, to a maximum of five (5) dogs at any given time, the chance of infectious disease transition (such as kennel cough) is greatly reduced.  However; as dog parents, we highly recommend, but do not require, the following for your dog: 


MEALS  The Barksville Inn serves only premium, grain-free dog food rated 5-Stars by DogFoodAdvisor©.   Brands we serve include American Journey, Blue Buffalo, Natures Variety's Instinct & Taste of the Wild.  You are welcome to bring your dog’s food from home - in any container you choose - to avoid possible digestive issues.  Please no bowls or measuring cups - we have quite a large Lost-n-Found basket.




  1.     DOG COLLAR & LEASH:  A dog collar with an ID tag with your dog’s name & your name/phone number on it.

  2.     FOOD:  If you decide to bring your own food.  Any container or plastic baggie is fine.

  3.     MEDICATIONS:   Medications in a plastic baggie or easy to open bottle with clear instructions attached.

  4.     DOG BED / TOYS:  We welcome you to bring your pups favorite toy, bed, blanket or other item for comfort.   The familiar scent of home can greatly reduce canine anxiety.   We will do our best to return your dog’s items in good condition; however, we cannot guarantee it.


PAYMENT:  Payment for Services is due at Pick-Up in the form of cash, check, debit/credit card and/or previously agreed upon payment method with the Innkeeper.   No deposit or prepayment is required.  The Barksville Inn never  charges additional fees for cancellations, late pick-ups, meals, administering medications, weekends or holiday stays. 

1. DHLPP or DAPP (distemper/parvo)

2. Bordetella

3  Canine Influenza (dog flu)


** New York State law requires all dogs over 4 months old to be vaccinated for Rabbies and to be updated every three years.




The Barksville Inn

10 Flat Iron Road

Brooktondale, NY 14817

Tel     (607) 252-4949

Cell   (607) 227-1636

Email Info@thebarksvilleinn.com




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