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Do you worry about your best friend home alone all day - bored and getting into mischief  or feeling guilty leaving them in a lonely small kennel?     

Dogs are social pack animals that need interaction with other dogs and people to remain happy and healthy.  No matter how many hugs and kisses you give them when home – your leaving for the day can major anxiety trigger for your pouch.  Separation Anxiety in canines often leads to pet parents have returned home to stressed out pups.


The common systems of Separation Anxiety include:  

  • Digging and scratching at doors or windows attempting to reunite with their owners

  • Destructive chewing of furniture and personal items

  • Howling, barking and/or whining

  • Urination and defecation (even with otherwise house-trained dogs)

Your dog isn't wild or untrained - they are simply scared and in panic mode unsure what is happening.  The Humane Society of The United States says....   "Doggie Daycare is one of the best ways to soothe separation anxiety in dogs."



In Home Cage Free Dog Daycare at The Barksville Inn
Good night sweet Koda - Mom & Dad will b
Putting David to work - walking our week

The Barksville Inn provides your four-legged family member the opportunity to spend the day being part of a healthy and happy dog pack getting the exercise and socialization they need. 


Our Doggy Daycare services are designed to improve your pup’s quality of life in a safe, healthy, and fun environment We provide canine and human interaction that fosters mental stimulation & improves socialization skills - thus reducing canine anxiety.  With all day access to our fenced-in yard and regular field trips to local parks or hiking trails (weather permitting) - you can be sure your pup will have a happy and tired when you arrive at pick-up. 


Dog parents quickly discover an evening without a pup full of energy from sitting around sleeping all day means a quiet/stress free evening for all.  

From drop-off to pick-up - our daycare guests enjoy supervised play inside our cage-free pet friendly home and over-sized back deck & 3,500 sq. feet fenced-in outside play area.  Unlike other doggie daycare facilities – our flexible, all-inclusive dog care comes without an extensive list of requirements.  All guests receive a mid-day meal of a 5-Star rate grain-free kibble with homemade or natural human grade wet mix-ins along health with treats throughout the day.  


Our small size, maximum of five (5) dogs, round-the-clock supervision from Pet CPR & First Aid trained Innkeepers means you can rest easy knowing your dog is safe, healthy and having a fun filled day.  Endless belly rubs and games of catch always included.  It’s truly a win-win.  Contact us today for full details.  

In Home Open Play With ALL Day Outdoor Access

Flexible Drop Off & Pick Up Times

6:00 am - 11:00pm

Grain-Free 5-Star Rated Lunch & Snacks Included

Field Trips to Hiking Trails and Ithaca Dog Park

Come play at our house!!!

Dog on Blue

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New guest information form

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Three ways to book a stay


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The Fine Print


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AGE / WEIGHT:   All dogs must be at least 6 months old and a maximum weight 50 pounds +/-pounds to attend Doggie Daycare.  In addition, all dogs must house trained (accidents happen, our sealed wood floors get steamed cleaned daily with pet friendly natural products and all guests have 24-hour outdoor access).

VACCINATIONS:  Like humans, vaccinating your dog could save them from preventable deadly canine illnesses.  In addition, treating dogs for flea and ticks (in the summer months at least) is incredibly important for their overall health and comfort.   By limiting the number of guests, to a maximum of five (5) dogs at any given time, the chance of infectious disease transmission (such as kennel cough) is greatly reduced.  However; as dog parents, we highly recommend, but do not require, the following for your dog: 

MEALS / MEDICATION:  All daytime guests receive one complimentary noontime meal.  The Barksville Inn serves only premium, grain-free dog food rated 5-Stars by DogFoodAdvisor©.   Brands we serve include American Journey, Blue Buffalo & Taste of the Wild. Beginning June, 2021 - The Barksville Inn is partnering with Nom Nom Now, the #1 ranked fresh, human-grade healthy home delivered dog food company, to provide our guests even healthier meals. 


Parents are welcome to bring your dog’s food from home if you prefer- in any container you choose.  At “Check-In” we will discuss your current feeding times/amounts as well as any medications at no additional charge.



1.    DOG COLLAR & LEASH:  A dog collar with an ID tag with your dog’s name & your name/phone number on it.

2.    FOOD:  All Doggie Daycare guests receive lunch and treats as part of our All-Inclusive Daycare.  You are welcome to bring your own food and/or teats for your dog if you wish.

3.    MEDICATIONS:  If you pup is on medications - please bring in a plastic baggie or easy to open bottle with clear instructions attached.  We are happy to administer them - per your instructions - at no cost.

4.    TOYS:  We welcome you to bring your pups favorite toy if you like - although we have plenty of dog safe toys, balls and stuff animals.  We will do our best to return your dog’s items in good condition; however, we cannot guarantee it.


PAYMENT:  Payment for Services is due at Pick-Up for single day guests or weekly for weekly guests in the form of cash, check, debit/credit card and/or previously agreed upon payment method with the Innkeeper.   No deposit or prepayment is required.  The Barksville Inn never  charges additional fees for cancellations, late pick-ups, meals, administering medications, weekends or holiday stays. 

RESERVATIONS:   We do limit the number of available spots/dogs to five (5) at any given time.  Reservations are required.  Meet-n-Greets are optional but we encourage you to schedule a time to come by and visit the Inn.   Call to schedule a time that works best for you.  Reservations can be scheduled up to six (6) months in advance.  If space is available, we will gladly accommodate last minute and day of requests

All first-time guest must complete the New Guest Information Form and sign the Owners Liability Waiver. .We will review at the Meet-n-Greet or during the Drop-Off.

If you have any further questions - please do not hesitate to contact us at 

 (607) 252-4949 or email

1. DHLPP or DAPP (distemper/parvo)

2. Bordetella

3  Canine Influenza (dog flu)


NYS law requires all dogs over 4 months old to be vaccinated for Rabbies and to be updated every 3 years.