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The Inn Blog - News, Ideas, DIY projects & Stuff to Keep Your Pup Safe, Happy and Healthy.

Welcome to The Inn Blog

Welcome to The Barksville Inn’s new blog! Our goal in creating a blog is to provide a space where we can share valuable dog news, inspiring stories, creative and useful tips, healthy living content and more in one place. We will be posting the latest information obtained from verified sources to help you be the best dog parent you can be. Period.

The Inn Blog will be for informational purposes only and available free of charge to everyone. We will make no money off the blog, we will not sell any items or accept any sponsorship or product placement. All opinions are our own and we welcome your feedback if you agree, disagree and/or have additional information, thoughts or suggestions. The Inn Blog will grow and develop organically with our hope of becoming a trusted source of information.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you do often.

To reach us, email:



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