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Why Does My Dog Love Tennis Balls So Much?

Does your dog love tennis balls?

It’s common for our canine companions to have an obsession with tennis balls.

Tennis balls are one of the most popular toys for our four-legged friends.

Whether they like to play fetch with a tennis ball or just have a good chew, they’re an essential toy for any pet owner.

Tennis balls can prove a suffocation hazard so dogs should be supervised when playing with their favorite toy.

In this article, we spoke to six experts to find out why dogs love tennis balls so much.

They’re Sending You A Message

Diana Ludwiczak, Certified Pet Trainer And CEO of NYC Animal Training Companies Wolfie’s Place And Doctor Sniffs

A dog often loves a tennis ball because it is the most common ball that their owners take out for playtime.

One of my dogs has a mild obsession with tennis balls but I was able to get her conditioned to play with a solid rubber ball. A solid rubber ball is easier on a dog’s teeth. Her tennis ball obsession developed in the dog parks. In most dog parks the most common ball lying around is a tennis ball.

My dog, Goosey, often sends me daily messages that she wants me to play with the ball. She does this by sidling up to me, and every once in a while gently jumping on me. This is her “let’s play now” message!

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